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“Erin... gracefully, engagingly, and enthusiastically guides people to move their bodies!”

What I think affected me the most ... was how beautiful I found all the other people in the class around me. Nia allowed me to appreciate the way of not only my body, but those around me too. It amazed me how easy Nia made it to view the people around me to be neither superior or inferior as dancers or movers in general. I admired rather than envied the movement of my peers. By the end of the year, I perceived the entirety of the class as moving exactly as they should, in a way that was... true to their bodies and to their spirits, and thus beautiful and completely natural.

What is Nia?

Nia Technique™ is a dance fitness practice that provides safe and effective exercise that fuses multiple movement forms; it inspires people to be healthy and fit while learning body literacy and awareness. Nia blends a combination of dance arts, such as jazz and modern, with martial arts, inspired by aikido and tai chi, all with the perspectives of healing arts, such as yoga and the Alexander Technique. Nia is a barefooted movement program designed to increase participants awareness of physical sensations, build strength and stamina, and increase flexibility and balance, all while having fun. And we do it to great music!the And we do it to great music!

Benefits of The Nia Technique

  • Stimulates the pleasure of living in the body

  • Increases strength, flexibility, mobility and agility

  • Improves circulation and heart health and supports weight loss

  • Develops grace, power and muscle tone

  • Improves posture, balance and stability

Debbie Rosas describes the essence of Nia.

“Nia has improved my quality of life simply by waking me up to my body. It’s joy has filled my life. Nia helped me see what I was denying my body and my spirit and because of that I have made some necessary changes in my life. Thank you to you and thank you to Nia.

Become a White Belt

Nia White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery. It explores the art of sensation and your body's way. Beginning with the Joy of Movement, you will learn 13 principles for body-centered awareness. Each principle teaches you a variety of somatic skills for connecting to physical sensation in your body. Through the science, craft and art of sensation, you will learn Nia's body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness.Nia White Belt teaches you to develop body literacy - the ability to listen to your body, making choices that lead to health and total body well-being. Find a training here.


I love to play and explore what it means to be living in a human body. Through my work as a movement facilitator and bodyworker, I aim to encourage people to find dynamic ease, relaxation, joy and a captivated sense of gratitude for their precious epithelial vessels.

Over the past 12 years, I've shared Nia Technique classes with hundreds of students including 8 years as adjunct faculty in the University of New Mexico’s College of Education Physical Education Program.

My education and experience with Nia, yoga, mindfulness, bodywork, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology all inform my work to help others nurture a sense of playful curiosity in how to heal with movement.

Come enjoy great music, fun and movement exploration in one of my classes. The invitation is always to simply "show up – shine – and let it go"! 


Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon

NM School of Natural Therapeutics – Natural Therapeutics Specialist

The Nia Technique (White – Black Belt)
Instructor training in Santa Fe, NM, Portland, Oregon, and Cape Town, SA

High Desert Yoga – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

UNM Anderson School of Business – Certificate of Nonprofit Management

UNM Continuing Ed. Digital Arts – Multimedia Design

My primary purpose is guiding people to love living life in a body...
My wise teachers.

My wise teachers.

Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage



"Erin's skills in sports and relaxation massage have made her my health partner for nearly 4 years. She has a wonderfully quiet space which is a reflection of her consciousness and professionalism. If you're looking for someone that you can count on, Erin is precisely the person you've been seeking."

Terry, client since 2012

"Erin is a highly skilled and compassionate masseuse.  She customizes your massage to bring pain relief according to your individual condition.  She obviously has a great deal of knowledge of physiology, and her treatments are very effective. The treatment room is very calming and you can enjoy your massage in a quiet, comfortable and pleasant environment."

Robin, client since 2015


230 Adams St. SE, Suite B
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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As a graduate of the NM School of Natural Therapeutics, I aim to help people committed to their health and well-being find ease, relaxation and pain reduction. Using a variety of modalities, including Swedish massage, polarity therapy, reflexology, myofascial release my goal is to assist each individual client in achieving relaxation, the place where the body heals and rehabilitates.

Bookings & Payment

I work with clientele committed to prioritizing self-care. Please use the links below to book online. Contact me directly should you not find a suitable time for you.

I accept cash, checks, credit cards and payment via PayPal. No-show/no-notice missed appointments incur a $35 cancellation fee. On-site chair massage for special events (i.e. staff appreciation events) is available at a rate of $1/minute (including a location fee of $25). I do not take insurance.

Each session is customized to meet your specific needs and may include a combination of Swedish massage, reflexology, polarity therapy, myofascial release and recovery techniques.