Moving your movement from "work"out to "fun"out...

Many times a New-to-Nia student reports back to me that they had "so much fun!"

Recent research indicates that how you perceive or categorize your daily movement habits (exercise/working out vs. fun/pleasure/hobby) can impact how you eat subsequent to that "workout". People come to Nia for lots of reasons and, yes, losing weight is one of those reasons; so, it pleases me to no end to read such results as those reported in this NY Times article. The summary of which is this: " suggests that people‚Äôs attitudes toward physical activity can influence what they eat afterward and, ultimately, whether they drop pounds."

So, with that in mind, bring a friend for some fun to a Nia Class. I teach both at Studio Sway and Maple Street Dance Space. Find my class calendar through this link.

My dad, left, and his brother having FUN! running together...back in the day!