It's hot. Yep. The days are long. Sweet! And...

And like clockwork the skies turned wild last night to welcome July and her fiery self. How are you feeling about this? Are you still coming to class? Shining and sweating your way through these dog days of summer? No??? Yeah, I have my moments too, where the heat has drained me and all I want to do is lie naked under the ceiling fan eating fruit popsicles.

But, and fortunately, teaching and sharing Nia is one of my "jobs" and I have to show up and shine and sweat. If it's been a while since I've seen you, come get your sweat on. I've extended my sale (see below) through the 11th and now accept credit cards, if those are tempters! 

Nia: A Sacred Healing Container

I discovered the concept of "show up, shine and let it go" from Danielle LaPorte. I use this as mantra still, especially when I head out the door to teach or meet with a bodywork client. Danielle recently wrote a short and sweet post about healing and one night stands tantalizingly titled:

"One night stands and other sacred containers not always meant to be breached".

Healing, she deduces, can happen in unique, unanchored spaces -- like vacations, workshops, intensives, classes, chance meetings with strangers. The trick is to release the social decorum that can make us feel obligated to maintain or further nurture that temporary relationship (even though it may well have had a powerful effect) and simply stand in the magic of the experience as is. Sometimes it's necessary to simply "show up, shine and let it go." It's a one night (unique) stand (moment in time)!

A similar teaching also arrives to me from that sweet dog of ours, Rooi. Rooi approaches life with a willingness to "converse with strangers"; what a lovely expression of compassion to approach every experience, person and dog as a potential friend! 

How does this apply to Nia you ask? Well, each class is a unique experience and essentially a stranger to us before it's components are introduced. First, we hear the music, we are introduced to movements and then we are asked to befriend our bodies through awareness and presence. That's a tricky one. Let's face it sometimes our bodies feel like a stranger to us for reasons like injury and trauma, depression or exhaustion and "new normals" like being post-partum or menopausal. 

With this in mind, come down, meet yourself and try on a new version of a "one night stand". Get moving and experience what is always a perspective shifter for me: a Nia class!