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Nia and the 7 Chakras: A Colorful Class Series


Energy. It cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. 

I will bring a month-long focus on the relationship between the concept of chakra energy centers and the various concepts of Nia that align with these centers to classes in October. We’ll begin with a beginner’s mind  class on October 1st (wear black). for a general introduction and focus. 

The rest of the schedule, root to crown, is below! Just come dressed in the color of the day and be ready to dance and explore “transformation”. 

Wednesday, Oct. 1: Beginner's Mind, Intro to Chakras; wear Black
Friday, Oct. 3: Root Chakra; wear Red
Wednesday, Oct.  8: Sacral Chakra; wear Orange
Friday, Oct. 10: Solar Plexus Chakra; wear Yellow
Wednesday, Oct. 15: Heart Chakra; wear Green
Friday, Oct. 17: Throat Chakra; wear Turquoise Blue
Wednesday, Oct. 22: Third Eye; wear Deep Indigo Blue
Friday, Oct. 24: Crown Chakra; wear Violet/White

Wednesday class is at 5:45pm
Friday class is at 12:15pm

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