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Community Movement: Ecstatic Dance with Elizabeth Cervantes at Studio Sway

Join Elizabeth Cervantes tonight for a special Ecstatic Dance class at Sway. Remember all Community Movement classes are only $5.00! 

Ecstatic Dance is an authentic, spontaneous, expressive, meditative movement practice  that incorporates elements of various body - mind - movement practices.  Go beyond the limits of your habitual movement patterns and explore your inner dance.  We typically dance barefooted without verbal interaction.  There is no choreography or instruction.  Ecstatic Dance is facility by Elizabeth Cervantes, who has been a partner dancer most of her adult life and is an avid golfer. In 2000, she Nia and ultimately earned her Nia Brown Belt in 2009. Then she took her first 5-Rhythms class. From that moment she knew that ecstatic dance would become her dancing path. Her spirit resonated with the freedom of choreography-free movement. Elizabeth has been facilitating ecstatic dances in Albuquerque since 2010. She also serves as a guest facilitator for EmbodyDance in Santa Fe.  No experience needed, just a willingness to move and be moved! 

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