August 12, 2016

My Dearest UNM Students,

You have given me such immense joy for the past eight years as your guide and teacher but the time has come for me to move on.

For eight years I have been humbled to serve you in my classes at UNM. I feel sad to leave this role and this unique population of students. You have been instrumental in my growth and excellence as a teacher. I have been positively received by you semester after semester and my class is a unique offering unlike anything the department offers. Through your feedback and repeat attendance in my classes you have taught me that my work is worthy and that it has created positive change in your lives. I am remiss to be losing the opportunity to influence and guide the unique demographic of students in a university setting.

Ultimately, the reasons for my resignation are personal. Personal well-being is the model I teach in my classes, and as such is my priority.

Please come dance with me at Studio Sway some day. I'll miss you.


P.S. I do not know what will become of the two classes that were schedule for this semester.

Class Handouts and Readings: 
"In Honor of the Foot"
Nia Cheat Sheet

The UNM Nia classes I taught for eight years were two credit course in the University of New Mexico College of Education's Department of Physical Education. 

The Nia Technique™ is the first “fusion fitness” program that blends Eastern and Western movement and dance philosophies into a powerful practice that inspires people to get healthy and fit while having FUN! Set to an amazing variety of music, the Nia Technique™ is a barefooted, high-energy/low-impact cardiovascular dance fitness program designed to build and increase flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. By connecting to sensation the Nia Technique™ provides safe and effective whole-body conditioning adaptable for every body of any fitness level. The Nia Technique™ teaches body literacy and awareness through a system that aims to create sustainability in the body.

Recommended Text: The Nia Technique™ by Debbie & Carlos Rosas, 2004. This book is on reserve at Zimmerman Library. There may be a few copies at the bookstore in the general bookstore area (downstairs).

Please join me at Move! Fitness ABQ.